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One of the most important aspects of purchasing and investing on real estate in Cyprus is maintaining the property after the sale. Unfortunately that part of property management service has been largely missing in Cyprus; hence many potential investors were hesitant on committing large scale investment drive in Cyprus for many years.

Roxana Group Property Management Service is quite capable of looking after its clients all year round with the highest possible standard of delivery. We thoroughly maintain our client’s properties throughout the year thus providing complete peace of mind. Our highly experienced property management service team will ensure that the maintenance of all internal & external communal cleaning as well as the payment of all utilities and taxes bills are paid on time. In other words Roxana Group building management team will provide unparalleled quality management services for you and your investment no matter the number of undertakings.

Our Property Management Service’s fee will be only supported by the amount of rental income, normally between 10%-15% annually, of total revenues collected throughout the year on the property. This means that if your property happens to become vacant throughout the year and we couldn’t manage to rent it out then the costs of its maintenance fees will be paid by us!! This is a unique offer only undertaking by our Company in Cyprus.

This is why we are absolutely confident that we can take care of your properties and investments in Cyprus.

Roxana Group Property Management Service provides different contractual agreements for its clients, which are as follows:

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Standard Management Service – This is the service that only focuses on the internal & external of the property maintenance, including all sort of plumbing and electrical problems, so payments of utility bills and others such as are communal pool and garden are excluded from this service. This services costs 10% of total annual rental income.

Silver Management Service – This service comprises  all Standard Management Service including payments of all utility bills such as communal pool and garden, and also appliances. The cost of this service will be 13% of total annual rental income.

Golden Management Service – It comprises all  Standard & Sliver Management Services plus completing an accounting, but not auditing, of annual rental and expenses of the property. This service will cost 15% of total annual rental income.

Rental and Tenancy Agreements
Roxana Group provides customized Rental & Tenancy Agreement tailored towards individual needs. These agreements can be categorized as follows:

Weekly Rental Agreement – This is mainly designed for tourists and aims to provide better accommodations/services for them than local hotels. Tourists will feel comfortable with these accommodations. Most importantly our records show that tourists would be far financially better off than staying at the local hotels especially for families. Sufficient facilities would be provided for each accommodation, and overstaying could be arranged depending on the availability of course. All payments are paid in advance and one week deposit will be kept with the Management Team. This will be refunded to the customer in full once the management is fully satisfied that no damages had been caused by the customer.

Monthly Rental Agreement – This is principally designed for holiday makers who wish to stay longer than a week using our rental accommodation. The rates for this agreement tend to be cheaper than the  weekly one. For this service the customer will be required to pay one month in full in advance plus one month deposit.

Long-Term Rental Agreement – This service is designed for those holiday makers who wish to stay more than one month in the accommodation. Depending on the length of the stay the contract rates can be negotiated and most certainly would become far cheaper for the tenant. This is by far the most attractive option for long-term holiday makers than staying in the local hotels or even Bed & Breakfast hotels. The same procedure will be applied for collecting and depositing the rent with one exception that if 3 months contract is signed only one month deposit will be required.

Annual Rental Agreement – This is designed for local and even individuals who plan to stay in Cyprus for 12 months. The contract will be signed for 12 months and two months deposit will be required by the tenant.If the same customer renew the contract for another 12 months up to 10% reduction would be made on the rental.

Our Property Management services options include the followings:

Cleaning the communal areas stairs, landings, lobby areas, elevator, parking, communal toilets & changing rooms, all communal areas internally & externally
Garden Maintenance
Pool Maintenance (where applicable)
General maintenance including repairs & refurbishing of Communal areas
Lift maintenance
Providing Fire & Build as well as Public Liability Insurance for the Communal areas
Providing personal apartment insurance upon request (this will be charged separately to the client)
Payment of Communal utility bills, including electric bills, water bills, maintenance bills etc
Administration of project accounts & statements
Collecting  Communal fees
Key holders of the property
Point of contact for tenant & landlord
Liaison with technicians for any repairs or maintenance work that needs to be carried out

The process of Renting out your property with us
Roxana Group will ensure all the legal issues in relation to this service are carefully handled by our company’s highly experienced lawyers

First Step: We must obtain your full authorization agreement with you at this stage regarding the property. Our company’s lawyers will complete this process ensuring all legal issues are addressed for the benefits of both parties. Further, all services can be customized in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Second Step: after completing the first stage the property will be listed on our website.  The potential tenant(s) will then be accompanied by a member of our Property Management Service Team to the property for viewing after completing the initial investigation of the potential tenant.  As soon as the terms and conditions are agreed then the legal documentations will be prepared by our Company’s legal team.

Third Step:  at this stage our Property Management Team will endeavor to collect weekly/monthly rental payments from the tenants. After deducting all the expenses the remaining incomes will be either be kept with us or will be transferred to the landlord’s account.
Final inspection will be carried out once the property is vacated by the tenant and the landlord will be promptly informed of the status of the property.

As part of our professional commitments we can also provide the following services:

Refurbishing & Repairs
We fully appreciate the difficulties our clients might encounter by investing in far away countries, so we intend to mitigate these risks thus enhance all possibilities in order to protect their properties. One of these services is related to Refurbishment and Repairs of the property ensuring its quality is thoroughly maintained throughout the year. If these services would be required by our clients our highly experienced interior designers, decorators and technicians are ready to assist. We will undertake the entire project once all the detail agreed, and full project management will be provided after completing the task.

Furniture & Appliances Replacement
As part of our complete service we provide furniture and appliances replacement even at the customized level. Our highly experienced interior designer, decorator and technicians will undertake the responsibility of submitting a detailed plan to the client, and overseeing the entire project.

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