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The island of Cyprus, which is famous for its warm weather, sunny beaches, luxurious hotels and impeccable tourism services, has invested a large part of its income and wealth in the education system in recent years.
  The Republic of Cyprus (European Cyprus) places great emphasis on higher education and its educational system offers many facilities and benefits to its university students. The higher education of this country matches the standards of international universities, and therefore, it is considered an excellent choice for obtaining bachelor's and master's degrees.
Some of the advantages of studying in Cyprus are:
1. High educational standards at the same time reasonable and affordable tuition
Like Denmark and Sweden, the Republic of Cyprus (European Cyprus) spends part of its GDP on education. The educational qualifications of the universities of the Republic of Cyprus are equivalent to the universities of England and America, but the cost of the universities of the Republic of Cyprus is half of these universities. Why spend an extra amount for the same quality and standards of education?
The universities of the Republic of Cyprus, in cooperation with the international organizations of England, Canada and the United States, have provided a platform for many students to continue their studies in European and American universities through the student exchange program. South Cyprus universities are known worldwide for providing high-quality educational services in the fields of IT, tourism, medicine, computer and business.
Buying a property in Southern European Cyprus, buying a house in Larnaca, the best price, the cheapest smart home, smart home
2. Very advanced facilities of universities
Since the government of (South) Cyprus attaches special importance to the higher education sector of this country, its universities have advanced facilities and technologies, modern classrooms and well-equipped scientific and research laboratories.

3. Teaching method
One of the reasons that lead people to study abroad is to experience a different style of education that is internationally recognized. Education in Cyprus (Southern) universities is done through seminars, meetings, collaborative activities that are student-oriented and focused on improving students' skills and preparing them for professional activities, etc.; For this reason, it offers a completely different teaching method to students.

4. Easy acceptance
The conditions for admission to the universities of Cyprus (South) are very easy. If you have already received your English language certificate, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are not required, and if necessary, obtaining a total score of 5.5 is also acceptable. There is no need to take an entrance exam before entering the university, and if you have received your previous qualifications with good grades, your chances of acceptance are very high.

5. Easy to get a student visa and the possibility of doing part-time work for students
Cyprus (South) is an emerging destination for studying abroad, and due to the ease of obtaining a student visa, it has received a unique welcome from international students. As in other European countries, you can easily get a Cyprus student visa by providing appropriate documents and proof of financial ability.
Cyprus (South) has made it possible for international students to work 20 hours a week (this rule does not apply to holidays between semesters and students can work full-time during this period). Due to favorable economic conditions, students can earn 500-600 euros per month with a student visa by working part-time.

6. A safe country with high cultural diversity
 The Republic of Cyprus has the lowest crime rate in the world among European countries. The stable economy of this country has made its people experience high standards of quality of life and legal justice. The civilization of (Southern) Cyprus dates back to ten years before Christ and this small island is visited by many tourists every year due to its high cultural diversity and spectacular historical attractions. Therefore, you will end your studies in Cyprus with a bagful of enjoyable and memorable experiences.

7. Economic stability
The strategic location of Cyprus is such that it leads to the sea from east to west and from north to south. In just a few decades after independence from Britain in 1960, the economy of Cyprus developed rapidly and achieved stability. Cyprus (South) hosts multinational companies and business startups; Hence, graduates will be employed within three months after graduation. In addition, universities prepare them for the labor market by offering an internship program.

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