Education in Cyprus

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By purchasing property in Cyprus your children will be granted the public education benefit for free in the age range of 8 months to 18 years. Textbooks are also given to both students and teachers free of charge. Public tertiary (non-university level) education is also free.

The universities in Cyprus offer quality higher education, and the country has been taking measures to increase research, funding, and interest in higher education.

Considering the fact that it is financial intensive to run a tertiary institution, it will be difficult to find a university, college or polytechnic that would offer completely free education to its international students, though there exist this kind of institutions in some countries of the world. There is currently no completely free university in Cyprus, but there are tons of Cyprus universities with very low tuition fees that would leave you wondering. The truth is that free tuition is only possible through scholarship opportunities provided by schools since it would be counterproductive for schools to offer courses or degree programs for free. They would lose in the long run and might end up shutting down.
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