Why Roxana Pars Group?

Since its establishment, Roxana Pars Developers has become as one of the best Cyprus’ property developers and the preferred partner for acquiring residential and commercial properties on the island.
Roxana Pars is a unique company in Cyprus which provides property sales & development for residential and commercial with environmental friendly material.
In fact with us, you will get a full package of purchasing, developing and maintaining a property with the highest standard of management.
Roxana Group aims to become one of the top five biggest property and construction companies in Cyprus within the next 5 years.
No matter how far you live away from Cyprus, we will give you peace of mind regarding your property.
As one of the fastest growing developing company on the island, we understand our responsibilities towards our clients to build sustainable growth in urbanization, residential and commercial property.
Our company has an ethos of recycling capital and long-term investment with a vision for innovative transformation. We bridge the gap between Cyprus and the global markets with our offices.
The team is extended by a network of the best professional service partners in Cyprus. They strengthen our service ensuring all legal and regulatory aspects are dealt with swiftly and to the highest standard.
Through our consultative and unbiased approach, we aim to bring you the most secure and profitable investment opportunities that Cyprus has to offer.

Whilst many property development companies in Cyprus have been suffering from some serious stagnation growth and even sales volume as the direct result of global financial markets collapse since 2008, Roxana Pars has been able to continue its operations by even incorporating more services serving its global clients.

As a direct result of companies expansion today Roxana Pars operates under Roxana Group providing the highest standard of quality products and services for its local and global clients.

The group now provides three distinctive services: Property Sales & Investment Developments, Tourism & Entertainment, and Property Management Services. All These Services are delivered at the highest level benefiting past, present and future clients.

The core philosophy of Roxana Group is based on protecting its investors at all time ensuring their assets are safe and continuously gaining added values; hence enabling the Group growing globally.

Roxana Group aims to become one of the top five biggest property and construction companies in Cyprus within the next 5 years.

Cyprus Office: +357 24811888
Fax: +357 24635863
Address: Arch. Makariou 94, Demelza Court, Office 1-2 ,Larnaca 6017, Cyprus
Mobile/Cyprus:+357 9969633
Mobile/Iran: +98 9121446507
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